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VI - What to do in case of a high blood pressure

6.1 - First of all, to eliminate a false high blood pressure
6.2 - To eliminate an obvious cause responsible for a high blood pressure
6.3 - To start a treatment without drug: life style modifications
6.4 - According to the circumstances, to treat by using drugs
6.5 - Anti-hypertensive therapy
6.6 - Why does the doctor prescribe a given anti-hypertensive drug and not another? The choice of the first treatment.

6.2- To eliminate an obvious cause of high blood pressure


If a high blood pressure is actually found on several occasions (on 3 occasions with an interval of one week for instance), the physician must first look for obvious causes of high blood pressure in order not to treat his patient unnecessarily.

These causes are:

  • The excessive consumption of alcohol and/or liquorice and/or caffeine;

  • The consumption of cocaine;

  • The use of drugs such as: the contraceptive pill, anti-inflammatory drugs, cortisone, nasal decongestants, appetite suppressants, adrenal steroids, cyclosporine, cholestyramine, erythropoietin, licorice (chewing tobacco), antidepressants.

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