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IX - A good means of controling high blood pressure : The self-measurement of blood pressure

10.1 - Why using a self-measurement device?
10.2 - The self-measurement device
10.3 - The Inflation and deflating of the cuff
10.4 - Ideal anatomical site for the measurement of the blood pressure
10.5 - Validation of the device
10.6 - Conditions and number of measurements

10.6 - Conditions and number of measurements

These data are very variable according to medical staff, but many medical staff accept the information that we have.

10.6.1 - Conditions of measurement

They must be very standardized and identical to each measurement of the blood pressure. The cuff is placed at the level of the heart, the arm is relaxed, the subject is sitting, his hand resting on a table. This measurement must be taken away from any stress, without consumption of coffee or alcohol.

10.6.2 - Number of measurements of the blood pressure


We recommend a measurement in the morning, between wakening and breakfast, and a measurement in the evening between dinner and going to bed.

At each time, 3 measurements of the blood pressure are carried out, during 7 days. You must note the values of the blood pressure on a monitoring notebook and then show it to your practitioner.

In the majority of the cases your practitioner will delete the first day blood pressure value, and will thus carry out an evaluation of the level of the blood pressure to 36 measurements (6 measurements per day X 6 days).

10.6.3 - Occasional measurements of the blood pressure

Sometimes, the self-measurement device of the blood pressure is not used in this context, it can measure the blood pressure in the event of symptoms.

If the blood pressure is very high you can alert your doctor quickly who will prescribe an adapted treatment for you.

10.6.4 - Precaution of use of the self-measurement device of the blood pressure

When people with high blood pressure present an arrhythmia, the self-measurement device is often unable to measure the blood pressure or provide aberrant results. In addition certain people are unable to use such a monitoring blood pressure device.

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