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IV - Why does high blood pressure exist?

4.1 - Most of the time, there is no explanation for this high blood pressure
But sometimes a disease is responsible for hypertension:
the secondary arterial hypertensions

4.2 - The medical procedure
4.3 - Causes
        4.3.1 - Drugs
        4.3.2 - An hormonal disorder

        4.3.3 - High blood pressure induced by the kidney
        4.3.4 - A rare cause: presence of an obstacle in the aorta

4.3.4 - A rare cause: presence of an obstacle in the aorta


This disease is called the coarctation of the aorta, i.e. that the vessel which come out the heart (aorta) is obstructed, which reduces the blood-flow and raises the blood pressure in the upper limbs.

Thus, the doctor sees a rise in the blood pressure only in the arms, but not in the lower limbs. The aorta makes a noise (a " murmur") when the doctor listens it with his stethoscope.

Its treatment is only instrumental and is based on the dilation of the artery by a per-coetaneous device.

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