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IV - Why does high blood pressure exist?

4.1 - Most of the time, there is no explanation for this high blood pressure
But sometimes a disease is responsible for hypertension:
the secondary arterial hypertensions

4.2 - The medical procedure
4.3 - Causes
        4.3.1 - Drugs
        4.3.2 - An hormonal disorder

        4.3.3 - High blood pressure induced by the kidney
        4.3.4 - A rare cause: presence of an obstacle in the aorta

4.3.1 - Drugs


The contraceptive pill, anti-inflammatory drugs, cortisone, nasal decongestants, appetite suppressants, adrenal steroids, cyclosporine, cholestyramine, erythropoietin, licorice (chewing tobacco), antidepressants.

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