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V - How to measure high blood pressure?

5.1 - The most reliable method: to place a probe measuring the pressure directly in the artery
5.2 - The most useful method: The measure of the blood pressure using a sphygmomanometer with a cuff
Measurement of the blood pressure
5.3 - At rest at the doctors
5.4 - At rest at home, using a self-measurement device

5.5 - During a physical exercise
5.6 - Measurement by an ambulatory monitoring of the blood pressure during 24 hours
Description of the device
5.7 - The cuff
5.8 - Method for the measurement of the blood pressure
5.9 - The sphygmomanometer

5.5 - During a physical exercise

The doctor can carry out a test of effort if his patient is sportswoman or sportsman.

This test consists in exercising on a flat escalator or a bicycle, and the blood pressure is usually measured every 2 minutes. Slowly, the effort becomes intense and thus the blood pressure increases gradually. The test of effort is stopped if the blood pressure exceeds 250/130 millimetres of mercury.

For subjects who realize anaerobic or isometric efforts (weight-lifting, shot-put...), particular tests can be realized. The blood pressure is for example measured when the patient holds an object tightly.
According to the level of the blood pressure and the cardiovascular risk factors, the sport cannot be approved by the physician.

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