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V - How to measure high blood pressure?

5.1 - The most reliable method: to place a probe measuring the pressure directly in the artery
5.2 - The most useful method: The measure of the blood pressure using a sphygmomanometer with a cuff
Measurement of the blood pressure
5.3 - At rest at the doctors
5.4 - At rest at home, using a self-measurement device

5.5 - During a physical exercise
5.6 - Measurement by an ambulatory monitoring of the blood pressure during 24 hours
Description of the device
5.7 - The cuff
5.8 - Method for the measurement of the blood pressure
5.9 - The sphygmomanometer

5.4 - At rest at home, using a self-measurement device


This technique is more and more often employed for several reasons:

- It is easy to use because most of the devices are automatic and reliable. Nevertheless, it is necessary to use validated devices and to avoid those that use non automatic methods because they can provide wrong data.

- This technique allows a hypertensive subject to control his high blood pressure, like a diabetic patient controls his sugar quantity in the blood at home using an automatic device. Many studies have showed that the self-measurement of the blood pressure device can induce the patient to be more aware of his disease.

We have to be very careful, because the threshold of the high blood pressure is not the same one when the blood pressure is measured with this device: the high blood pressure exists if the blood pressure exceeds 135/85 millimetres of mercury (13.5/8.5).

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