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VII - The follow-up of a high blood pressure

7.1 - The control of the blood pressure with the physician : the follow-up
7.2 - The control of the blood pressure by an automatic device at home
7.3 - Sometimes, an ambulatory blood pressure measurement during 24 hours is necessary

7.2- The control of the blood pressure oneself by an automatic device

Many studies have showed that the control of the blood pressure at home allowed a better management of this disease. Thus, the patient takes his antihypertensive drugs regularly and warns his practitioner of eventual high blood pressure crisis, which considerably limits the complications of this disease.

Example of self-measurement of blood pressure: Wrist sphygmomanometer.

At present many self-measurement devices are easy to use because they are completely automatic. Non-automatic devices should be avoided, as the ones using a stethoscope for example.


The measurement of the blood pressure at home is measured at the arm, and it is better to use a self-measurement device which records the blood pressure on this location. The technical studies of validation have been achieved with self-measurement devices which recorded the blood pressure at the arm and not at the wrist or at the finger.

Measurements at home will be carried out in a quiet place, away from any stress, in a sitting position, the cuff at the level of the chest. A series of three measurements is carried out and only the average of last two measurements must be taken into account.

For example, if the measured pressure is 15/10 for the first measurement, 14/9 for the second and 13/8 for the third, it is necessary to eliminate the first and the average of two others is thus of 13.5/8.5. However all the medical teams do not use this technique.

These measurements must be done in the morning and in the evening, during a 5 day-period every month for example. It is important to note the value of the pressure in a follow-up notebook.

Moreover, this self-measurement device can also control the blood pressure in case new symptoms appear such as a headache or a nosebleed. A crisis of high blood pressure is then avoided.

The value of the blood pressure, which defines a high blood pressure, is 135/85 millimetres of mercury (13.5/8.5). This value is slightly lower than the blood pressure measured in the physician office.

It is necessary to regularly control the reliability of your device, either by sending it back to the manufacturer or by bringing it to your physician who will measure simultaneously the blood pressure with your device and with his own personal cuff and stethoscope. This precaution is essential to avoid many errors and anxieties!

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