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II – For a better understanding of blood pressure

Description of the arteries and the blood pressure
2.1 - Working of the blood circulation: the vessel and the heart
2.2 - Definition of the blood pressure
Who is concerned with high blood pressure?
2.3 - Epidemiological data
2.4 - Influence of sex
2.5 - Race
The risk is raised by the existence of other diseases
2.6 - Cholesterol
2.7 - Diabetes
2.8 - Tobacco
2.9 - The age

2.5 - Race


The studies show that Black subjects have a higher blood pressure than other races. In fact, it appears that the blood pressure is higher in Black subjects at the time of adolescence especially among women.

This difference with the other races seems to disappear at a more advanced age.

Several explanations have been given: the Blacks seem to be more sensitive to salt, which retains water and thus increases the blood pressure. The frequency of obesity in Black women and the physical lack of activity may have genetic origins.

It appears that the subjects of Black race are more likely to have cardiovascular problems than others for a same level of blood pressure. One of the explanations is that the Black people are exposed earlier to arterial hypertension and thus they prematurely develop arterial damage responsible for cardiac and vascular diseases.

The data is primarily applicable to Black subjects living in the United States, for very few studies have been carried out in other countries.

Moreover, the medicinal control of high blood pressure appears less easy with Black subjects compared to White subjects.

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