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II – For a better understanding of blood pressure

Description of the arteries and the blood pressure
2.1 - Working of the blood circulation: the vessel and the heart
2.2 - Definition of the blood pressure
Who is concerned with high blood pressure?
2.3 - Epidemiological data
2.4 - Influence of sex
2.5 - Race
The risk is raised by the existence of other diseases
2.6 - Cholesterol
2.7 - Diabetes
2.8 - Tobacco
2.9 - The age

2.4 - Influence of sex


In general, men are more prone to high blood pressure than the pre-menopausal women. The difference is about 6 to 7 millimetres of mercury for the maximal blood pressure (systolic) and about 3 to 5 millimetres of mercury for the minimal blood pressure (diastolic).

Nevertheless, there is no difference between men and post-menopausal women. Indeed, the studies show that menopause is responsible for the first appearance of a high blood pressure, independently of the other physiological variations related to this state.

Rate of high blood pressure according to sex and age

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